Since its opening in 2017, “Yakiniku Kotatsu Romantei ROMANTEI” has been operating in Kitashinchi, Osaka as a restaurant where you can enjoy yakiniku in a completely private space that protects your privacy. This is a restaurant where you can relax and enjoy Japanese black beef carefully selected by the owner in a completely private room where your privacy is protected. In 2017, in a popular TV program, Kansai Michelin chefs ranked second in the yakiniku ranking of privately attended restaurants. We also have luxurious VIP rooms. Please enjoy our carefully selected high-quality meat in a special space. We look forward to welcoming everyone.






A total of 20 private rooms in Kitashinchi, all seats are private, high-class Kuroge Wagyu beef at a reasonable price

Relax and enjoy delicious meat in a completely private room>

The feature of our restaurant is that you can enjoy delicious meat luxuriously in a private space. It can be used not only for entertaining guests, but also for various occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. We also have rooms that can accommodate a large number of people, making them ideal for banquets. Private rooms can be prepared according to the number of people. We also have a luxurious VIP room where you can enjoy yakiniku in a luxurious atmosphere. Such a relaxing space was ranked second in the 2017 Kansai Michelin chef private yakiniku ranking on a popular TV program. Each private room is equipped with an air conditioner as well as a power outlet, so you can charge your smartphone. The interior is finished in a chic and calm space.




We offer carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef at a reasonable price.

Please enjoy yourself in a modern and calm space.>



By purchasing a whole head of carefully selected Kuroge Wagyu beef, we can offer premium meat at a low price, and you can enjoy rare cuts that can only be provided by buying a whole head. A5 rank Japanese black beef steak, Wagyu offal delivered directly from the production area, especially the part called “Misuji” is one of the gems that can only be taken from one cow, weighing only 3 kg. In addition to yakiniku, we also offer a variety of menus for women, such as samgyeopsal and collagen-rich motsunabe.









〇「Superb Thick Sliced ​​Salted Tongue

The meaty and beautifully marinated part of the umami root is lightly grilled on both sides and seasoned with green onion salt and lemon. Although it is thick, it has a soft texture and the original taste and sweetness are rich.

〇「Specially selected book misuji (sliced ​​large size cut)

Place the white onion on the grilled meat, roll it up and dip it in the sauce and enjoy. The sweetness of the fat and the umami of the meat combined with the white onion and fruity sauce create an exquisite texture.

〇「Grilled Shabu (sukiyaki style)」

The finest Japanese black beef sirloin A5 is sukiyaki-style and dipped in an egg with warishita sauce. The meat is so tender that it melts in an instant.

“Upper short rib” “Upper skirt steak” “Upper loin”

The price per serving of such beautiful Kuroge Wagyu beef is so reasonable that you wouldn’t think it’s a high-end restaurant in Kitashinchi! The loin has a fruity sauce that brings out the original flavor and sweetness of the meat. The more you chew the skirt steak, the more the skirt steak’s original flavor comes out. The upper ribs have a dense marbling and a moist sweetness that goes well with chanja and rice.

〇”Assortment of 4 types of namul” “Assortment of kimchi”

A supporting role that is indispensable for yakiniku

“Abalone porridge”

Our restaurant’s specialty, the thick porridge soaks up the luxurious soup and goes perfectly with the soft abalone.








Yonago store opened

Yakiniku Kotatsu Romantei opened its Tottori Yonago location on April 12th.

Click here for the link.




Efforts against coronavirus


Considering the impact of the new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19), we give top priority to ensuring the safety of our customers, and we are trying to create an environment where you can visit us with peace of mind. We are ventilating frequently, and we are thoroughly disinfecting the store, including counters and chairs. Also, we are disinfecting our fingers with alcohol when we enter the store. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your cooperation.






Iwashin GALINA Building 2F, 1-4-10 Dojima, Kita-ku, Osaka








90SEATS(All seats are praivate room)


Smoking is allowed in the entire room


None (paid coin parking available near the shop)











mmediately west of Dojima Nakadori from ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka JR Tozai Line

 4 minutes walk from Kitashinchi Station Keihan Electric Railway Nakanoshima Line 

4 minutes walk from Oebashi Station Subway Midosuji Line

9 minutes walk from Umeda Station Subway Midosuji Line

 9 minutes walk from Yodoyabashi Station Subway Yotsubashi Line 

9 minutes walk from Nishi-Umeda Station 10 minutes walk from JR Osaka Station